Mintract Consultancy in Australia Hong Kong & Africa

Mintract provides consultancy services to maximise opportunities and minimise risks in the project and contracting process. We are currently providing Contract Management solutions to mining sites in Australia and internationally including Africa and Hong Kong.

We work with clients to identify risks and opportunities and implement solutions which will make their project process secure, efficient and profitable.

Our consultants bring a wealth of experience in the mining and engineering fields to maximise benefits to our clients.

New Versions of Mintract Software

Mintract has recently updated its software to tightly integrate with emails and to provide a Web software solution to enable off site access to authorised personnel.

Mintract Intranet - Web Solution using Sharepoint

Mintract has developed web solutions for managing client's projects using Sharepoint Services software to enable secure and efficient interchange of information, control of the documents and programming of the work.

These web solutions are implemented as part of our consultancy work and allow us to work closely with our clients even though many are located in very remote locations.

Mintract Newsletter
The first Newsletter is currently being developed